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By Gaines I. " Ike" Milligan
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Ask me anything about accordions.

I can be contacted and I regularly answer accordion questions.

Sometimes it is possible for me to help you repair your accordion yourself by answering a simple question or two. Other times the answer would be complicated, and require writing an article. You can send me accordions or sometimes parts of accordions to fix.

I can fix or replace most parts of all kinds of accordions including keyboard accordians, button boxes, restoration, tuning, repairing shipping damage, new straps, bellows, cases, and accessories. Please email "Ike" for free help and advice on your repair questions.

What's this Accordion Worth? (A hard question I sometimes get)

I can't usually give you a firm opinion as to what an accordion is really worth. Often value can't be determined with much accuracy, but a picture of the accordion can give me an idea whether it is collectible, professional, student, decade of manufacture, etc., To really judge the quality of an accordion, it needs to be played by an experienced player. I am interested in hearing about any accordion you have; if it interests you it interests me.

Notes on how accordions work, repairs, et cetera

Accordions are complicated; a full size professional accordion has at least as many reeds, as a grand piano has strings. Nearly all accordions contain perishable materials. The reeds are usually held in place by a mixture of beeswax and pine rosin. This grips the accordion's reeds tightly in place on the wooden chambers, and is airtight when properly applied. If the wax has deteriorated too much from age, ther reeds won't sound to their full potential. For it to hold well, it should be applied very hot. that meains using wax spoons, wax spatulas and an alcohol flame.

If you buy an accordion online without trying it out first, you are asking for problems. If you buy it online from a reputable dealer or accordion maker, there should be some sort of guarantee in writing, or at least by reputation. Some people buy them, try to repair them a little and re-sell them. It might be fine for you to play a tune once in a while, but if you play much, you will need an accordion in really god condition, with good reeds.

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Accordion Bellows

The acoustic accordion will be operated by air passing over the reeds. there are reeds in both sides, in the box parts, called the casings. The casing on the right side of the accordion is called the treble casing, and on the left, the bass casing. In between the two casings there will be a bellows made of 4 pieces of pleated cardboard covered with cloth lining, and joined at the corners by leather gussets and with a metal corner pieces. If the bellows starts to leak due to age and wear, it can be temporarily repaired, but the repair may not last, and it is best to have a new bellows made. The measurements of the bellows need to be accurate to about a millimeter. For a few accordions, a standard-sized stock bellows of the sort made in quantities, will be less costly. I can obtain these stock bellows and custom-made bellows of very high quality in various colors to match your accordion, or your outfit, or the decor of your home, garden, or whatever.