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This is actually a Koch German accordion; the brand is a name Koch used for export. Please click on the small pictures to see more detail. This accordion was restored to playing condition by Ike Milligan, a technician with 25 years restoration experience.

The reeds were cleaned, tuned, and revalved, secured to the (blocks) carriers with new accordion wax. The condition for playing is like new, and better than any new 12 bass accordion now made, with the best reeds, from the 1920's. The reed-plates are stamped with the Koch goat-head symbol.

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This accordion is now for sale!

Price $900 plus $50 shipping cost in U.S.A.

It is completely restored and plays like new!

FRM "designer" premium quality shoulder straps included.

email accordiondoc@mindspring.com, or phone me, Ike Milligan at 301-649-1266 for more information.

You will receive many compliments about its retro look and about your musick.
This collectible accordion is a pleasure to play and own.

The key springs are very strong, making for quick key action and excellent compression.

It is in the key of G.
The basses are F C G D A E, instead of Bb F C G D A, like most other 12 bass accordions, which are 1/2 octave higher than this one. Best played in the keys of C G D and A. An E bass is present, since everything has been moved over one 5th interval in the bass, as the keyboard starts and ends on G.
After the 1920's nearly all 12 bass accordions have been in C and those keyboards start and end on C, but in 5 there were some made like this one, in G. It is very solidly built and made better in every way, than those made today, and in better condition than new ones.

It has a good musette tuning with 2 sets of treble reeds, and a strong to moderate evenly set tremolo speed in the German style.

The reeds are "Koch", a famous German maker of the 1920's, who stamped all reed plates with a picture of a goat's head.
All original reeds were restored, waxed, re-valved and accurately tuned to A440.

The sturdy bellows are in excellent condition and were completely re-taped with new white embossed accordion bellows tape. The original bellows cardboard and leather gussets are of good quality and should last a long time more.

This accordion is a pleasure to own and play and could be used professionally.