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Accordion Shoulder and Bass Straps

Please scroll down the page for measuring instructions or go directly to the shoulder strap ordering list, or the bass strap table. The straps which hold the bellows closed are called "bellows straps".

You may order anything not shown here by emailing

There is not a more comfortable long-lasting strap ever made, the prices are reasonable, and delivery is prompt. For questions email accordiondoc@mindspring,com.

I ship worldwide. If you order for outside the U.S.A. or Canada, there will be an extra charge, usually $20.

Measuring instructions for shoulder straps.

If you know your shoulder strap size, please scroll down this page for prices and online ordering information.
When measuring your existing straps to compare with the table, do not include the thin pieces on the ends which loop through the hardware brackets. Instead just measure the main wide parts of the right-side (longest) shoulder strap, when buckled in the middle on your setting. HINT: Accordions are often sold with straps that are too small. Consult the table below, for the next larger size, if your straps are small, narrow, and flimsy. All Stephi accordion straps are designed with the maximum padding and comfort congruent with the sizes.

For example: Your right strap (the longer one) is 35" when the middle buckle is on the setting that you prefer, that would fall into the range of both the Junior 36"/31" and the Medium 37"/32". You would be measuring from the top buckle to the bottom buckle of the bindings.

Of course the straps include attached bindings, but for standardization purposes these are not included in the measurements. Both the middle buckle and the bindings can be adjusted.

All measurements are approximate; your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you get straps that are the wrong size, you may exchange them if not damaged or modified.

Keyboard-size based measurements

The size of the keyboard is related to the shoulder strap size, (see ordering table for this specification) When measuring your keyboard, you would measure along the keys from outer edge to outer edge, not the keybed which would add width.
Note: The distance between the top strap bracket and the bottom strap bracket would be about the same as the keyboard width.

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For ordering see below.

PayPal account not necessary, use your credit card. For each size and pad-lining of shoulder straps there is a matching bass strap (ordered separately). See the Bass Strap Table.

Hi, Folks!

The whole new Accordion Shoulder Strap table is here now, and it can also be found on the new website

Canadian designer and manufacturer Frank Romano has replaced all the old models of shoulder straps that were shown in the old table, in the old table with improved models and sizes. These are still the best in the world, and now the sizes have been standardized to be the same as the Italian Imported sizes. The construction is superior and the prices are competitive.

The Length is Designated as the Distance Between the End Buckles on the Right Side (Longest) Strap
Keyboard Measurements are from the Outer Edges along the White Keys End-to-End.
Name of Strap Model Maximum Length
Adjustable in Middle
Pad Width Rib Material/Color Keyboard Size More Info, and To Order
FRM-412 12 Bass "Button Box" w/Black Vinyl Finish 29 Inches
31" Extra-long
1 inch Black Leather Up to 17-1/2 Inch Keyboards if Extra-long 31" Size FRM-412
FRM-413 "Button Box" No Padding w/Black Velvet Finish 34 Inches
36" Extra-long
1 Inch Non-padded Velvet Surfaced Black Leather Up to 18" Keyboard if Extra-long 36" Size FRM-413
FRM-418 Medium Small w/Black Vinyl Finish 34 Inches 36" Extra-long 1-3/4 Inches Black Leather Up to 18 inch Keyboards if 36" Extra-long Size FRM-418
FRM 419 Medium Small w/Black Felt Finish 34 Inches
36" Extra-long
1-3/4 Inches Black Leather Up to 18 inch Keyboards if 36" Extra-long Size FRM-419
FRM-420 Medium Small w/Black Velvet Finish 34 Inches
36" Extra-long
1-3/4 Inches Black Leather Up to 18 inch Keyboards if 36" Extra-long Size FRM-420
FRM-421 Single Strap for Irish or Cajun Accordions w/Black Felt Finish 43 Inches
45" Extra-long
2-1/2 Inches Black Leather (Low Shoulder Pad for Sitting) Any Size "Button Box" FRM-421 (single)
FRM-425 Medium Size w/Black Vinyl Finish 37 Inches or
39" Extra-long
2-1/4 Inches Black Leather Up to Full-sized 19" Keyboard for 41" Extra-long FRM-425
FRM-426 Medium Size w/Black Felt Finish 37 Inches
39" Extra-long
2-1/4 Inches Black Leather Up to Full-sized 19" Keyboard for 41" Extra-long FRM-426
FRM-427 Medium Size Black Velvet Finish 37 Inches
39" Extra-long
2-1/4 Inches Black Leather Up to Full-sized 19" Keyboard for 41" Extra-long FRM-427
FRM-430 Full Sized w/Black Vinyl Finish 39 Inches
41" Extra-long
2-5/8 Inches Black Leather Full-sized 19" Keyboards and Larger FRM-430
FRM-431 Full Sized w/Black Felt Finish 39 Inches
41" Extra-long
2-5/8 Inches Black Leather Full-sized 19" Keyboards and Larger FRM-431
FRM-432 Full Sized w/Black Vinyl Finish 39 Inches
41" Extra-long
2-5/8 Inches Black Leather Full-sized 19" Keyboards and Larger FRM-432
FRM-448 Professional Full-Sized w/ Black Velvet Finish 39 Inches
41" Extra-long
2-3/4" Black Leather Full-sized 19" Keyboards and Larger FRM-448
FRM-449 Professional Full-Sized w/Black Leather Finish 39 Inches
41" Extra-long
2-3/4" Black Leather Full-sized 19" Keyboards and Larger FRM-449
FRM-433 Full-Size "Edelweiss" Black Felt Finish with Decoration 39 Inches
41" Extra-long
2-5/8 Inches Black Leather w/Ornament Full-sized 19" Keyboards and Larger See "Italian Collection" for Replacement Models
FRM-441 Super-Professional w/ Black Felt Finish 41 Inches
43" Extra-long
3 Inches Black Leather Full Size 19" Keyboards or Larger FRM-441
FRM-442 w/Black Velvet Finish 41 Inches 43" Extra-long 3 Inches Black Leather Full Size 19" Keyboards or Larger FRM-442
FRM-443 Super-Professional w/Harness-Style Back Strap and Black Velvet Finish 41 Inches FRM-443
43" Extra-long
3 Inches Black Leather Full Size 19" Keyboards or Larger FRM-443
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Bass Straps

Without Hardware (available).

Bass Strap Installation Service

If you send me the left side of your accordion, I will change the bass strap for $40.00 plus postage and parts. Please call 301-649-1266 or e-mail for instructions before sending. For instance, it's often better to take off the bass side and just send that, rather than the whole accordion. Call (301)649-1266 or e-mail for the street address. My Bass Straps are easily customizable, so you can add your old hardware to the strap, or I can do it for you. If you want to send in your bass side of the accordion for a new bass strap please call or e-mail for how-to instructions. Please send the old strap and hardware together with the accordion, or just send me the left side of the accordion.
If you need a new strap with your old hardware on it, you can mail the old strap including all the pieces if broken. if needed. e-mail me for more details. or call me at (301)649-1266


The length of the old bass strap is best measured by taking loose one end to get the straight length. When replacing the strap, make the new strap 1/8 of an inch shorter. Or send me the left side of the accordion, and I will do the job; see above.

I suggest removing it or disengaging at one end, and measuring the straight length, (only the leather part), not including any attached hardware. My straps mostly have no hardware, which is available separately, so you will normally re-attach your hardware with the supplied easy rivets. If you send in the old strap, I will change your hardware to the new strap for $20. Please email for details.
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FRM Bass Straps Include Rivets for Attaching the old Strap Hardware
and Are Available with Optional New Hardware Kit, Provided Separately or Installed.
(Instructions below this table).
Strap Model Name Total Length
~ External Length
Pad Width Rib Material To View and To Order
Click in This Column.
FRM-460 Super-Sized
Super-Padded Velvet Finished
21 Inches ~18" Black Leather 3-1/4 Inches FRM-460
FRM-461 Super-Sized
Super-Padded Vinyl Finished
21 Inches ~18" Black Leather 3-1/4 Inches FRM-461
FRM-462 Full Sized Velvet Finish 21 Inches ~18" Black Leather 2-1/2 Inches FRM-462
FRM-463 Full Sized Vinyl Finish 21 Inches ~18" Black Leather 2-1/2 Inches FRM-463
FRM-464 Full Sized Felt Finish 21 Inches ~18" Black Leather 2-1/2 Inches FRM-464
FRM-465 Full Sized Felt Finish
Edelweiss Decorated
21 Inches ~18" Black Leather
2-1/2 Inches FRM-465 discontinued but see Italian Collection.
FRM-466 Medium Sized Velvet Finsh 19 Inches Black Leather 2-1/4 Inches FRM-466
FRM-467 Medium Sized Vinyl Finish 19 Inches Black Leather 2-1/4 Inches FRM-467
FRM-468 Medium Sized Felt Finish 19 Inches Black Leather 2-1/4 Inches FRM-468
FRM-469 Medium-Small Sized Vinyl Finish 17-1/2 Inches Black Leather 2-1/4 Inches FRM-469
FRM-470v Medium-Small Sized Velvet Finish 17-1/2 Inches Black Leather 2-1/4 Inches FRM-470V
FRM-470F Medium-Small Sized Felt Finish 17-1/2 Inches Black Leather 2-1/4 Inches FRM-470F
FRM-471 Small Sized Vinyl Finsh 16 Inches Black Leather 2-1/8 Inches FRM-471
FRM-472 Leather Finish Cajun Size 13 Inches Black Leather 2 Inches FRM-472
FRM-473 Leather Finish 12 bass or Diatonic 16 Inches Black Leather 2 inches FRM-473
FRM-474 Plain Leather Unpadded 16 Inches Black Leather No Padding FRM-474
FRM-475 Velcro Adjustable Plain Leather 16 Inches Black Leather No Padding FRM-475 No picture yet.
Instructions for Changing and Installing Accordion Bass Strap Hardware can perform the service of exchanging the strap for a flat rate of $100 including the new strap and any necessary new hardware. Just email for instruction on how to ship us just the bass part. Please attach a photo to the email as some accordions are "odd", and you might need some special instructions we will forward to you.

Each FRM accordion bass strap listed in the above table includes the option of purchasing the new hardware kit, separate or attached.

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Bass Strap Hardware Set

Note: When you order the bass strap, from the link in the table above, you can get the strap with hardware pre-attached to the strap for only $10 extra, or else just the hardware separate, added to the strap purchase for only $5.
5 rivets are included with any padded bass strap orders. Don't order the hardware set, if all you need is the rivets to change the hardware yourself.
The $9.95 is for the stand-alone hardware set. Consists of plate and bolt, end piece to slip over hook (if present), and 5 rivets. Fits most accordions which have an internal wheel adjustment.
A few old accordions have different bolt threads than in this set. The rare old-threaded bolts are not easily available. The bolts in the set fit at least 99% of all accordions.

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Bellows Straps (for Holding the Accordion Bellows Closed) See below for specs.

Strong, fresh, attractively finished black harness leather. The surface mounted leather ones can be used to replace all-metal straps

The length of the center bolt type of leather straps (see pictures) is measured by the distance between swivel center ( machine bolt) and snap grommet center. These straps requre a hole to go through the accordion casing, to the area inside the bellows.

How to measure the Surface-mounted strap.
The first measurement on the table is the distance between the centers of the swivel and the snap. The second measurement after the || symbol is the total length.
Metric vs. English
Measurements of either kind of strap are most accurately expressed in centimeters. The English measurements are estimated to the nearest one-eighth of an inch. The 3 hole plate type is surface mounted, and can replace the surface mounted metal "chrome" bellows straps, with 2 or 3 wood screws through the plate going into the casing.

These bellows closing straps have their very own page, with larger pictures, more information.

Bellows strap for accordion
Center-bolt type of bellows strap.
2nd bellows strap for accordion
Plate-mounted type of bellows strap.
Center bolt Strap type Size (Length between swivel and snap grommet) Price Order Plate-mounted Mounting plate Leather Strap
Swivel Type
Length between swivel and snap grommet || Add 1" [2.5cm] to center of plate Price Order
Center Bolt 8 cm, 3-1/8 inches $27.00/pair
Plate-mounted 7.5 cm, 3 inches || 10cm, 4" $27.00/pair
Center Bolt 8.5 cm, 3-3/8 inches $27.00/pair
Plate-mounted 8 cm, 3-1/8 inches || 10.5cm, 4-1/8" $27.00/pair
Center Bolt 9 cm, 3-1/2 inches $27.00/pair
Plate-mounted 8.5 cm, 3-3/8 inches || 11cm, 4-3/8" $27.00/pair
Center Bolt 9.5 cm, 3-3/4 inches $27.00/pair
Plate-mounted 9 cm, 3.5 inches || 11.5cm, 4-1/2" $27.00/pair
Center Bolt 10 cm, 4 inches $27.00/pair
Plate-mounted 9.5 cm, 3-3/4 inches || 12cm, 4-3/4" $27.00/pair
Center Bolt 10.5 cm, 4-1/8 inches $27.00/pair
Center Bolt 11 cm, 4-3/8 inches $27.00/pair

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Payment methods

Use paypal or send a check or Money Order to:
G. I. Milligan
10803 Keller Street
Silver Spring MD 20902

Phone (301)649-1266


These custom designed accordion cases are available in the U.S. thanks to a special arrangement, directly from the designer.

"Corona" style case, fits button box or 12 bass accordion, check your measurements!

Please note: The "Corona" case looks about the same as the picture of the "Erica" case shown below.

Simulated-fur interior lining.
Inside dimensions 15-5/8 by 14-1/2 by 9" or, about 40 by 37 by 23cm.
$98 plus $9.00 Shipping and Handling.

"Erica" case, fits button box or small 12 bass accordion. Check your measurements.
Note: The Hohner HA 114 Cajun accordion will just fit into this case. Simulated-fur interior lining.
Inside dimensions 12-3/4 by 11-5/8 by 7-1/2" or, about 33 by 29 by 19cm.
$89 plus $9.00 Shipping and Handling.

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Adjustable Thumb Strap ! Accordian Thumb straps for button accordions.
Click on the image to go to that order page, or to get the plain Hohner thumb strap, with mounting rivets.

    Accordion Bellows

  • Bellows prices range from $450 for small accordions up to $550 for full size. Some special bellows may be more. Various colors are available. To order, send the old bellows to G. I. Milligan,10803 Keller Street, Silver Spring MD 20902. It is possible to send just the measurements, and keep playing the old bellows until the new ones arrive, please e-mail to receive those measurement instructions. To guarantee correct fit, I would rather have the old bellows or frames, to insure accuracy. The specification sheet for you to fill out, if you do your own measurement, shows the exact size corners, etc. You will be able to specify colors and ornamental design, e.g., diamond center, etc. on the "spec sheet". Normally everything you order is absolutely guaranteed, however, bellows for one accordion will seldom fit another accordion except the exact make and model, so the measurements have to be very exact. They are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship, and then only for replacement, not refund. If only measurements are sent, the bellows are only guaranteed to fit as well as your written specifications indicate. REPEAT: If you want to measure them yourself, you can do it using my special instruction/spec sheet. Please e-mail to receive measuring instructions by mail.
    If the old bellows are sent here, measurements don't have to be sent. Accordion bellows have to be made in Italy and may take from 4 to 8 weeks, or sometimes even longer. The orders are aggregated and sent to the bellows factory about once a month to save on international customs and shipping, etc. HOWEVER, if need be, I can measure your bellows, and maybe do some remedial repairs, and send them back to you if you need to use them while you wait for the new ones to be shipped.

    More Accordion Repair parts and Accessories

    If you happen to want to know about repair parts please call or e-mail. I have other parts available but not yet listed on the website.

    The more input and requests I receive from you, the better I can decide what to keep extra in stock. If you need something I haven't yet listed here, please make a special request, and I will try to get it for you.

    Coming Soon: photos of all accordion merchandise.

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    Shipping rate for accordion parts and accessories is $5 for orders under $50, and for $50 and up, the rate is $7. The maximum rate is $7, except for repair jobs.

    Shipping time is within 1 to 2 weeks, unless backordered, in which case you will be notified via email.

    I accept Credit cards using Paypal. Now you don't have to have a Paypal account to use my shopping cart. Just point and click. Checks and Money Orders also are fine.

    Please do not ask to pay by credit card by phone.

    Calling is a good way to check on availability, but I can't take a credit card number that way.

    Most orders are shipped via United States Postal Service. Your order has my individual attention. Everything listed here should now be in stock right here, in this place, for immediate shipment. If it has to be back ordered, I will then let you know, and I will offer you the option of a refund, substitution, or wait for the back order. I try to have as much variety stock on hand as possible. Back orders take 2 to 3 weeks.

    If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to
    Ike's Accordion Boxpital and send it to:
    G. I. Milligan
    10803 Keller Street
    Silver Spring MD 20902
    Phone (301)649-1266
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