Antique and "Vintage" Restored Accordions

I have personally resurrected these old accordions, and have thoroughly tested and played each one.

It is possible for you to own one of these extremely rare, often unique instruments. Many hours of work have been done, in order to tune and restore the original hand made reeds condition, check and recondition, or make new bellows, new valve pads, mechanical and keyboard work, etc. on each one.
Some of these accordions were custom made for specific person, and are the only ones in existence. Others are uncommonly rare and may be the only known examples of a restored one of that type. Whether rare or not so rare, they were all made with more handiwork and craftsmanship than most of the newer accordions.

Just listed: Alberto Lizzi 1920's era Koch 12 Bass Accordion, Completely Restored better than any new.

Michelangelo 36 Bass

Incredible! Here is a rebuilt, exceedingly rare 36 bass Michelangelo accordion. 2 sets of treble reeds tuned musette, 5 sets of bass reeds with deep polka low notes. Recommended for all Folk dance tunes, airs, and melodies, including all genres of Polkas, Waltzes, etc. The tuning is strong, rapid tremolo based on the A440 Concert Pitch Equal Tempered scale.

It is most probably the only restored 36 bass Michelangelo extant, and you will own and play a beautiful instrument like nobody else possesses, with a sound seldom heard since the 1930's. These reeds are not designed to need amplification. It plays exactly like when it was new.

Price $1800 USD.

This unique completely restored 36 bass Michelangelo accordion is now on consignment at the "House of Musical Traditions" store located in Takoma Park, Maryland. For more information call 301-649-1266.

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Inner workings of Michelangelo 36 bass accordion2nd photo shows the inner workings after rebuild. The better-than-new bellows have been re-taped and re-cornered with new metal corners.

There are more antique accordions which are ready to be listed or in the process of restoration. Please continue checking this site, or inquire by email.

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