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You should probably consult Ike before thinkng about having it tuned or repaired.

Accordion Repair Estimates.
There is no charge for estimates and analysis.

Due to many years of repairing and studying accordion construction, I can often tell you a lot about its condition and prognosis just from seeing a photo, and reading your comments.

I have examined and played hundreds of accordions of all kinds and types. I have played accordions as old as 80 years, which I repaired and used to entertain the Public. I understand the tradition of hand making the accordion, and have studied various aspects of that art. I have many satisfied customers -- including serious collectors of old instruments.

Do you want to save time and money? No need to send your accordion to a music store where they will just either send it off and charge you a fee for an estimate, or have an inexperienced person tinker with it. Don't risk it!

Go right to the source! Not to amateurs and 3rd party resellers.

Save time and money.

I will solve your problem, or there is no charge.

Never any charge for analysis or conversation.

If you have an antique accordion you need restored, or one broken in shipping? Don't take someone's word that it is "not worth repairing". Maybe it it is, maybe it isn't, but I will tell you what it will cost versus replacing it. Then you decide based on the facts.

You should get my input before considering having it repaired or shipped. Just by emailing me, and sending a photo, you can save yourself time and money. I charge nothing for advice. From your description and photo, including your description of any symptoms, I can tell you a surprising amount of information about your accordion, and what it might take to get it fixed correctly. All work is done here, and all work is guranteed.

Call 301-649-1266 or email accordiondoc@mindspring.com if you need any advice about having your accordion repaired. I do prefer email, and I check daily or more often as I am eager to answer your questions.

Shipping instructions.

Wrap the accordion in bubble wrap. Clear tape on the bubble wrap makes it hard to cut and recycle, so if possible use masking tape. Do not send the case, if the accordion is being sent in for repair or estimate. Ship it inside a strong cardboard box.

The best position for the accordion inside the shipping container is...

upright in playing position, with the accordion diagonal in the shipping container.

If the accordion were horizontal with the keyboard up, the bass mechanism is only supported by the valve springs, and when a heavy box is thrown, the impact fo the heavy box falling is likely to pull the bass buttons down and collapse the mechanism, a condition which takes me 10 minutes to over 2 hours to rectify, depending on whther any parts got broken. One very important other thing is to keep the accordion from knocking around. It should not be free to move but also not squeezed under pressure by the padding in the case, if the case is being sent.

Label the box on all sides "FRAGILE DO NOT DROP"

Please call or E-mail me before sending it.
accordion repair
Send to:
Gaines I. Milligan 10803 Keller Street
Silver Spring MD 20902

Send me Email!

If you have questions about accordion repair or accordion tuning:

Email me at accordiondoc@mindspring.com.

Phone me at (301)649-1266


Accordion players around the nation rely on:

Ike's Boxpital for Sick Accordions(tm)

to keep their accordions in top shape


CALL TODAY!!! or (better yet) E-mail me.