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To see sample pages from these publications click !HERE!

I now have the following rare, (mostly out-of-print) accordion book copies to be promptly printed and mailed on demand.

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  1. How to Build an Accordion by Alfred L. Fischer (1957). 41 pages 8-1/2 X 14". 35 large pages of text interspersed with the author's hand drawn diagrams, plus 6 more full pages of actual-sized patterns to be used in the construction of piano accordions. Instructions for using simple hand and common workshop power tools to make various wood and metal parts including bellows. A must for anyone wanting to learn about repair and construction in depth. $20 postpaid.
  2. *** Accordion Manual by Alfred L. Fischer (1954). Repair information. 18 large 8-1/2 X 14 pages. Includes 3 full pages of the author's diagrams. If you wanted only one of these accordion repair manuscripts, this one might be the most useful. $10.00 postpaid.
  3. Repairing Your Accordion by Pietro Deiro. Published in the 1930's, this one has many tips and tricks for repairing older accordions particularly. There are some puzzling sections if you are not very familiar with pre-war accordions. If you email me I can try to clarify the nomenclature, etc..$10 postpaid
  4. Order all 3 repair and construction books, the 2 Fischer manuscripts, and the Pietro Deiro repair book reprint, a $40 value, for $33 postpaid. (If ordering outside the U.S. and Canada, please add $8 air mail postage by clicking on that paypal link at the top of this page.)
  5. Winner's Improved Accordeon Method by Septimius Winner, the author of "Listen to the Mocking Bird", under the psuedonym Alice Hawthorne. A self-instruction book for the diatonic accordion. Many pages of old tunes, in regular music notation with symbols added for playing all button boxes. By studying this book one can learn to play one, two, or three row diatonic accordions, and read and transpose music from any key. 77 pages. $24postpaid.
  6. New Standard Accordion Method by Margaret J. Synnberg. (1938) An easy book to learn the button accordion. ("Standard" means diatonic 1, 2, or 3 row) 15 pages. There are pretty line drawings showing the various looks of the instrument and correct posture for playing, etc. Recommended for every beginner. $6 postpaid.

    Order both G-C-F button accordion method books (III & IV), a $30 value, for $24 postpaid.
  7. Jerry O'Brien's Accordion Instructor by Jerome O'Brien (1949) A self-instructor for the D/C# 19 key Irish style button box. 79 Irish dances and airs included in treble clef music notation, with special markings for the correct buttons under each note. Also playable on the Violin, Flute, Banjo, or Bagpipes. 30 pages. $17 postpaid
  8. Bavarian Laendlers Album arranged for the accordion by John Krachtus. (1936) 16 beautiful medleys of Laendler mostly named for regions of Bavaria, plus one Figurtanz medley, and 2 Schuplattler. Each Laendler medley includes a folk song (but words are missing). If you have the words to any of these songs, please forward them to me, and I will print them in the next edition. Also if you were a student of John Krachtus, or have any biographical information about him or about his musical career or publications, please contact me. Or just buy the book and make up some words. $18.00 postpaid.
  9. 30 Altbayrische Tanze bearbeitet von Anton Bauer (1928) Mostly "Zweifache" an old Bavarian dance form that changes from 4/4 to 3/4 and back again. Published by Friedrich Hofmeister in Leipzig. Arranged for piano. 30 tunes on 23 pages with beautiful illustrations. $12 postpaid.
  10. Ukrainian Lemko Dance Music, Album no. 3 by Orest Turkowsky (1963) 23 excellent Folk Tunes arranged for Violin with inaccurate but useful Chord Symbols. Decidedly West Ukrainian with a "Polish" flavor. 14 pages. $8 postpaid.
  11. 12 Jugoslav-American Folk Songs-Dances, Album no. 1 plusOhio Valley Polka and Sylvia Polka by Victor Lisjak (1944 & 1938) Includes "Slovenian Airs (medley) Waltz" with verses in Slovenian and "Milica Kolo Drmas" (medley) and more. 15 pages, $14 postpaid.
  12. Zordan's Easy Accordion Method by Antonio Zordan Excellent beginner's accordion method book teaching the bass pattern and music reading skills with many simple tunes and exercises. Written for small Piano Keyboard Accordions, it can be used with up to 120 or bass accordions. Wonderful teaching aid. A classic.$10.95 postpaid.
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